Five More LED Facts From The Kopa Group!

We recently had an interaction on Twitter ( where @Bobsdirect stated that "it is beyond comprehension why especially businesses (in bids to maximize profit) will avoid clear economical benefits" by converting to LED lighting.  We agree!  That is why at our goal is to share the information that our lighting experts have accrued over the years.  Here are five more LED facts from Kopa!

1.  Companies make their money back very quickly with LED's through possible rebates and state and federal incentives by converting to cleaner, greener, LED bulbs. 

2.  Kopa's customized, smart, LED system will be designed specifically to fit your business, so that you have precise control over your lighting (something that "traditional" lights often do not offer).

3.  Retail & Industrial.  Because lighting contributes greatly to a business' energy costs, by making a far more efficient lighting system with LED bulbs, businesses stand to save as much as 90% on energy-related lighting costs.

4.  Low-energy LED's are cooler (in temperature) and therefore do not annoyingly add to the heat in the summer like "traditional" lights.

5.  People feel safe and invited by attractive, low-energy, LED lighting.

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LED's - Better for the Earth and thus Your Business!

One of the many, positive benefits about going with low-energy, LED lighting is how much better for the Earth LED's truly are. 

LED bulbs last on average 50 times longer than typical, incandescent bulbs.  Hence, far less waste is created, and major companies are seeing their environmental impact being reduced significantly, which actually makes their business (and reputation) more valuable as a clean and Earth-friendly company.

Also, the Kopa Group's brand of LED lights use far less energy than "traditional" lights, meaning that businesses of all sizes (including Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison; who have both worked with Kopa) are saving as high as 90% on energy-related, lighting costs!  In the end, using so little energy allows LED's to NOT deplete the Earth's resources (unlike conventional bulbs).

Go green!  Go with Kopa!

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SAVE with LED's from Kopa!

The Kopa Group specializes in re-designing industrial and business facilities in order to save them up to 90% on lighting-related energy costs.

Kopa's lighting experts will also save businesses cash up front through state and federal lighting conversion rebates.

Furthermore, Kopa will save companies big money on maintenance dealing with lighting issues.  In fact, because of LED lights' superior quality and long-lasting lives, lighting maintenance costs can be nearly eliminated altogether.  

Kopa will also save businesses costs on employee errors, once their visibility is significantly improved through high quality LED's from Kopa.

Kopa is here to save your business big money!  Contact us today at or (888) - LED - KOPA for more information!

Lighting is changing for the better! Is your business staying with the times?

     Here's the bottom line: the incandescent bulb and fluorescent bulb are antiquated lights whose technology has long run its course.  Those type of lights cost businesses significantly more money on lighting-related energy and lighting maintenance costs.

Kopa Group Lighting at the FoodBank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ.

    But fear not.  Kopa's superior, innovative and revolutionary, energy-efficient, LED lighting system is here and is assisting Fortune 500 companies convert their facilities to LED's in order to receive state and federal benefits, get an instant cash flow, and become more environment-friendly by creating less waste (LED's deplete less of the Earth's resources and therefore are considered a green technology).

If you want your business to thrive with success in the future, convert to high-quality, low-energy, LED lights for a revolutionary improvement!  Contact the Kopa Group today at or (888) - LED - KOPA.  We'll be happy to light your future!

The question is- why hasn't your business converted to LED's yet?

     At Kopa, not only are we successfully re-designing energy-efficient, LED lighting systems for Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison, but we are ensuring that companies are getting an instant, positive, cash flow for converting to LED lights.

                              The Kopa Group.  (888) - LED - KOPA.

     The reason is because since LED bulbs provide far less waste, are much sturdier and hassle-free, and last way longer than "traditional" lights, they are considered environment-friendly.  As a result, there are ample state and federal benefits that are being offered to companies for going in a greener and cleaner direction with low-energy, LED lights.

     Hence, successful companies are getting significant rebates up front for going with a greener technology, while then saving huge money on light-related energy and maintenance costs.  If you want your company to take the next step into being a very profitable business like Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison, contact Kopa to see if you are eligible for a lighting upgrade!  Call us at (888) - LED - KOPA or email us at!

Service Stations thrive with LED lights!

In previous articles, we have discussed the benefits of LED's in industrial and business settings.  Let's now take a look at how LED's are being used with great success in a specific business- service stations. 

According to Philips, "Lighting typically represents 30% of a commercial building’s electricity bill, even more in gas stations."  Thus, a conversion to LED lights would dramatically cut down on electricity costs as LED's use far less energy than "traditional" bulbs. 

Furthermore, at Kopa, we will design an energy-efficient lighting system to highlight areas that the service station wants highlighted.  The idea is to invite and welcome prospective customers to the business with superior light.

Lastly, the issue of safety can be a big one for service stations.  Kopa provides specific, high-quality, LED lighting to these stations in order to make employees, owners and customers safer.

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Why go with the Kopa Group for your lighting needs?

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   Often times here in our News section, we enjoy sharing good information or fun facts about LED lights and energy-efficient products.  But today we'd like to talk about ourselves for a moment. 

   There are many lighting companies out there.  How do you know which one to go to for your facility or municipality?  Well, before you make your decision, here are a few reasons why the Kopa Group's success includes Fortune 500 companies Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison:

1. Personalized service from beginning to end.  At Kopa, we like to say we are project-driven and not product-driven, meaning we prefer to listen to our clients and work out a customized plan for that specific project.  We are not interested in peddling products.  We are only interested in the client's satisfaction, and with creating a safer, cleaner, more well-lit workspace.

2. Customizable lighting system.  With Kopa's superior technology, we not only design a beautiful system for our clients, but we empower our clients with the ability to customize and control their own lighting system, saving them huge money on maintenance costs that would occur with "traditional" lights.

3. Our expertise is in helping you.  At Kopa, we believe in assisting successful businesses to save their money on lighting, maintenance, and energy costs, with superior, durable, LED lights.  By eliminating these costs, companies now can reinvest that savings into getting more product, hiring more employees, etc.  Furthermore, Kopa's clean LED lights will make businesses safer and cleaner instantly.

   The decision is simple.  For superior, personalized service, complete with the best product on the market, call the Kopa Group today at (888) - LED - KOPA or email us at  Thanks!

Five, Quick, LED Facts from Kopa!

Did you know that LED's:

1. Can reduce energy costs by up to 90%

2. May eliminate lighting maintenance costs altogether

3. Allow workers to see better, and therefore perform more efficiently

4. Attract customers with superior lighting quality

5. Protect the planet Earth

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                   Kopa Group lighting at A.S. Cooper & Sons

Kopa lights the way for A.S. Cooper!

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     A.S. Cooper & Sons Limited is one of the most successful businesses in Bermuda.  They specialize in offering "the finest crystal, silver and ceramics with a special emphasis on Wedgwood china."  In addition, A.S. Cooper's stock also includes fine jewelry, superior clothing, and more. 

     So, in an effort to continue and expand their already great success, A.S. Cooper contacted the Kopa Group to do a total, energy-efficient, LED lighting re-design.  After Kopa completed its work, the projected numbers are incredible:

* The energy savings are projected to be $70,000 per year.

* Reduced lighting-related maintenance, costs of new lamps/ballasts and reduced cooling load of $30,000 per year.

* Approximately $100,000 added to their bottom line as well as an updated and relevant new lighting design.

     And in addition to fantastic savings, Kopa Group's superior, Earth-friendly lighting allows A.S. Cooper to protect Bermuda's superb resources.  To find out if YOUR business is eligible for a lighting upgrade, contact us today at (888) - LED - KOPA or  Thanks!