Five More LED Facts From The Kopa Group!

We recently had an interaction on Twitter ( where @Bobsdirect stated that "it is beyond comprehension why especially businesses (in bids to maximize profit) will avoid clear economical benefits" by converting to LED lighting.  We agree!  That is why at our goal is to share the information that our lighting experts have accrued over the years.  Here are five more LED facts from Kopa!

1.  Companies make their money back very quickly with LED's through possible rebates and state and federal incentives by converting to cleaner, greener, LED bulbs. 

2.  Kopa's customized, smart, LED system will be designed specifically to fit your business, so that you have precise control over your lighting (something that "traditional" lights often do not offer).

3.  Retail & Industrial.  Because lighting contributes greatly to a business' energy costs, by making a far more efficient lighting system with LED bulbs, businesses stand to save as much as 90% on energy-related lighting costs.

4.  Low-energy LED's are cooler (in temperature) and therefore do not annoyingly add to the heat in the summer like "traditional" lights.

5.  People feel safe and invited by attractive, low-energy, LED lighting.

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