Why go with the Kopa Group for your lighting needs?

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   Often times here in our News section, we enjoy sharing good information or fun facts about LED lights and energy-efficient products.  But today we'd like to talk about ourselves for a moment. 

   There are many lighting companies out there.  How do you know which one to go to for your facility or municipality?  Well, before you make your decision, here are a few reasons why the Kopa Group's success includes Fortune 500 companies Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison:

1. Personalized service from beginning to end.  At Kopa, we like to say we are project-driven and not product-driven, meaning we prefer to listen to our clients and work out a customized plan for that specific project.  We are not interested in peddling products.  We are only interested in the client's satisfaction, and with creating a safer, cleaner, more well-lit workspace.

2. Customizable lighting system.  With Kopa's superior technology, we not only design a beautiful system for our clients, but we empower our clients with the ability to customize and control their own lighting system, saving them huge money on maintenance costs that would occur with "traditional" lights.

3. Our expertise is in helping you.  At Kopa, we believe in assisting successful businesses to save their money on lighting, maintenance, and energy costs, with superior, durable, LED lights.  By eliminating these costs, companies now can reinvest that savings into getting more product, hiring more employees, etc.  Furthermore, Kopa's clean LED lights will make businesses safer and cleaner instantly.

   The decision is simple.  For superior, personalized service, complete with the best product on the market, call the Kopa Group today at (888) - LED - KOPA or email us at Info@KopaGroup.com.  Thanks!