LED's - Better for the Earth and thus Your Business!

One of the many, positive benefits about going with low-energy, LED lighting is how much better for the Earth LED's truly are. 

LED bulbs last on average 50 times longer than typical, incandescent bulbs.  Hence, far less waste is created, and major companies are seeing their environmental impact being reduced significantly, which actually makes their business (and reputation) more valuable as a clean and Earth-friendly company.

Also, the Kopa Group's brand of LED lights use far less energy than "traditional" lights, meaning that businesses of all sizes (including Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison; who have both worked with Kopa) are saving as high as 90% on energy-related, lighting costs!  In the end, using so little energy allows LED's to NOT deplete the Earth's resources (unlike conventional bulbs).

Go green!  Go with Kopa!

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