Kopa lights the way for A.S. Cooper!

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     A.S. Cooper & Sons Limited is one of the most successful businesses in Bermuda.  They specialize in offering "the finest crystal, silver and ceramics with a special emphasis on Wedgwood china."  In addition, A.S. Cooper's stock also includes fine jewelry, superior clothing, and more. 

     So, in an effort to continue and expand their already great success, A.S. Cooper contacted the Kopa Group to do a total, energy-efficient, LED lighting re-design.  After Kopa completed its work, the projected numbers are incredible:

* The energy savings are projected to be $70,000 per year.

* Reduced lighting-related maintenance, costs of new lamps/ballasts and reduced cooling load of $30,000 per year.

* Approximately $100,000 added to their bottom line as well as an updated and relevant new lighting design.

     And in addition to fantastic savings, Kopa Group's superior, Earth-friendly lighting allows A.S. Cooper to protect Bermuda's superb resources.  To find out if YOUR business is eligible for a lighting upgrade, contact us today at (888) - LED - KOPA or Info@KopaGroup.com.  Thanks!