Service Stations thrive with LED lights!

In previous articles, we have discussed the benefits of LED's in industrial and business settings.  Let's now take a look at how LED's are being used with great success in a specific business- service stations. 

According to Philips, "Lighting typically represents 30% of a commercial building’s electricity bill, even more in gas stations."  Thus, a conversion to LED lights would dramatically cut down on electricity costs as LED's use far less energy than "traditional" bulbs. 

Furthermore, at Kopa, we will design an energy-efficient lighting system to highlight areas that the service station wants highlighted.  The idea is to invite and welcome prospective customers to the business with superior light.

Lastly, the issue of safety can be a big one for service stations.  Kopa provides specific, high-quality, LED lighting to these stations in order to make employees, owners and customers safer.

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