Get out of the dark! Here are three, big, "conventional" lighting problems!

At Kopa, one of our goals is to share our information regarding LED lighting and low-energy solutions with businesses, municipalities, and people.  The truth is that LED lighting can save businesses huge cash on their maintenance and energy costs, while also protecting the Earth's resources because of creating much less waste than "conventional" lights.  Let's take a look at three important issues businesses who use "conventional" lights face.

1. Safety.  First and foremost, inferior lighting can (and frequently does) cause accidents in the workplace.  Employees who cannot see well will have more chances at getting injured at work.

2. Efficiency.  We wrote about one of Kopa's clients, Mercedes-Benz, who recently had one one their facilities re-designed with Kopa's LED lights being used (read here).  Mercedes reported that worker picking errors were dramatically reduced  through using Kopa lights.  The reason?  Workers make less mistakes when they are able to see better. 

3. Health.  Too little light can cause employees to strain their eyes, which can affect their health in the long run. 

Go with superior, low-energy, LED lights to maximize your business' worth!  Call us at (888) - LED - KOPA for more info!