Why Your Business Should Switch To LED's!

     Whereas a "traditional" light lasts approximately 1,500 hours, a typical Kopa LED bulb lasts 30,000 to 50,000 hours. That means a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs at your facility.  And because you will be creating far less waste with Kopa LED's rather than "conventional" lights, you will be greatly reducing your carbon footprint.  Essentially, you will be protecting the Earth's resources, which improves your company's green score and makes you environmentally and socially responsible.  This is why Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison are working with Kopa to convert their facilities to low-energy, LED lights.  It's time to go green with Kopa!  Contact us today!  (888) LED - KOPA

          Go green with Kopa!  (888) LED - KOPA