Five Good Reasons You Should Switch To Energy-Efficient Lights!

1. Save Energy And Money.     Low-energy, LED lights can reduce your energy usage and costs by up to 80%.  This results in huge savings for you and your facility.  Over the long haul, Kopa is saving very successful businesses like Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison (see the article here) tens of thousands of dollars by significantly reducing the amount of energy they use.

2. Become Earth-friendly.     Because energy-efficient lights cut down on business' wasteful energy use, by converting to them you will greatly reduce your carbon footprint on the environment while protecting the Earth's resources.

3. Make Employee Performance Better.     It's just makes sense.  In a previous Kopa article (see here), we detailed how research is showing that employees who can see better make less mistakes.  When your employees are working as efficiently as they can, it only puts money back into your business' pocket by dramatically decreasing error costs. 

4. Don't Worry About Maintenance.     Too often, because businesses have to overly concern themselves with maintaining their very facility, focus and attention to their actual business isn't as keen as it could be.  Get back to concentrating on what matters to you and your business by going with low-energy LED's, which have a lifetime expectation of up to 100,000 hours.  In other words, you could go at least a decade without ever having to call maintenance to work on your lighting.

5. You Deserve Better Quality.     Low-energy LED's are much more durable than "conventional" lights because they are made with sturdier and Earth-friendly parts.  These superior components allow for energy-efficient lights to be applied in a much broader range of areas and situations- interior, exterior, poor weather conditions, etc.

Allow Kopa to assist you in switching to superior, energy-efficient LED lights today!  To find out if your business is eligible for a lighting upgrade, contact us today!  Call us at (888)-LED-Sales or email us at!