Kopa answers - What are the benefits of low-energy, LED lights?

     Many of us may be familiar with the term "LED" (short for light emitting diode), but do we really know what low-energy, LED bulbs can do?  And what are the advantages of low-energy LED's over "traditional" lights?  Here are just a few of the excellent benefits that LED's provide:

     * Businesses can save up to 80% on energy and utility costs at their facility.

     * More light in the proper areas means less accidents.

     * Low-energy LED's are cooler (in temperature) and therefore do not annoyingly add to the heat in the summer like "traditional" lights.

     * Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz and Avery Dennison, after working with the Kopa Group to re-design their facilities with low-energy LED's, found that less mistakes were being made by employees while they saved big money on energy costs.

     * Customers feel safer and welcome by attractive, low-energy, LED lighting.

     * Your business will be worth more because of the positive cash flow you will see due to energy and money savings.

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                      Example of a Kopa low-energy LED install.