Low-energy lighting solutions - making a greener planet one LED at a time!

Sure, LED lights look great, but aside from their aesthetic beauty, there's even MORE benefits from installing them!  For starters, businesses that convert from "traditional" bulbs to LED's can get governmental and business tax breaks, saving you cash instantly and up front!  After you have installed low-energy LED's, you will notice savings on your energy bill.  In fact, KOPA can help save you up to 80% on your energy bill alone!  And, by not depleting the Earth's resources with environmental-friendly lights, you will actually be helping to save the Earth itself!  In fact, many businesses have improved their corporate Green Score while protecting our world!  So, in essence, everyone wins with low-energy LED's.  Let KOPA help you today!   

             KOPA installation at Branches in Long Branch, NJ.