A few KOPA Quick Facts about LED lighting!

Are LED's affected by extreme conditions?

LED's are geared for harsh environments. LEDs function from -40F to 180F.  There is no delay or required "warm up time" for LEDs to function.

Do LED's attract insects?

No, they do not.  Insects see entirely different spectrums of light and are attracted to ultraviolet light.  This is not to say that all bugs aren't attracted to LED lights, but most can't see the light that LED's produce.

How long do LED's last?

LED's are rated by manufacturers to operate under normal conditions for approximately 10 years or 100,000 hours of continuous use. As LED's get older, they tend to dim and fade but aren't susceptible to blinking like incandescent or fluorescent.

 Bottom Line

LED lighting is the highest quality, lowest energy-using form of lighting in the world.  It will instantly improve the attractiveness of your business and organization, while saving you huge amounts of cash on your energy bill.

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