What are the advantages of using LED's over traditional lighting?

The LED lights of today surpass the performance of all incumbent lighting technologies. LED's operate on significantly less energy than incandescent lights, which are wildly inefficient. They also last longer (average 10 years of normal use) and are more durable because they are solid state, shock-proof, and can be housed safely in plastic instead of glass. LED wall washers and spotlights are DMX controllable to create color and light intensity effects which cannot be achieved with other technologies.

At roughly half the efficiency, fluorescent lights rely on chemical reactions with gases (including the neurotoxin mercury) contained within a fragile bulb. These reactions are adversely affected by upside-down installations. 

The bottom line is that LED's are easier and safer to use than all previous lighting technologies. And LED's will save you money by consuming less power, requiring fewer replacements, and generating much less heat, which in turn combine to result in lower cooling costs.


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