Kopa Group

Q.        Is it true that there is a no cash outlay option?

A.        Yes. Often times businesses qualify for no cash down financing or shared savings programs. There are Federal, State, Local, and Utility cash incentives that Kopa will help identify and coordinate. Let us help you find the best cash outlay program that is available to you.


Q.        How much can I really save?

A.        We typically see a savings of up to 80% and more in light energy costs. But businesses also see reduced cost in maintenance and air-conditioning while experiencing improved productivity and security, too. A Kopa survey will identify the areas where you’ll see savings and even calculate your specific return on investment.


Q.        Isnt it expensive to switch to low energy lights?

A.        The truth is, the dollars saved from using less energy almost always far exceeds the total cost of implementing a Kopa low-energy lighting plan. Also, there are many Federal, State and utility company benefits which can provide even more savings. Kopa identifies these opportunities for you and even helps you with your rebate application(s) which is sure to increase your return on investment.


Q.        Why cant I just buy low energy replacements and install them myself?

A.        You could… but you probably won’t receive all available rebates and tax benefits. In fact, if handled improperly, you may find yourself disqualified from many of those lucrative benefits. Also, by utilizing Kopa’s lighting expertise, this is a perfect opportunity to improve overall light quality, productivity and safety. Kopa will pinpoint light color, beam spread and aesthetics and will incorporate light rules, OSHA and ASHRAE standards and much more in all of our plans.


Q.        What other opportunities exist with a Kopa low energy lighting plan?

A.        Many times, a lighting redesign implemented with intelligent control systems can yield even more savings when optimizing your light use to your specific needs. Kopa’s track record demonstrates that better lighting, increases sales and also improves productivity and safety.


Q.        I am planning a renovation. Cant my architect or construction manager do this?

A.        Typically, neither understands all the Federal, State and utility company benefits that are available to you. Also, in many cases, their product recommendations are influenced by self-serving manufacturer sales reps. Because Kopa is not connected to any specific manufacturer, we are free to identify the best product suited for a specific need. We deal with hundreds of manufacturers worldwide and vet every product to ensure you get the most value and the best illumination for your project.  We will gladly coordinate this with your architect, engineer or construction manager and we even provide value engineering analysis.