Are YOU the next KOPA partner?   KOPA is seeking to expand throughout the U.S.A. and elsewhere.  


KOPA is seeking strategic alliances with companies or entrepreneurial individuals to design, sell, oversee, and install high quality, low-energy lighting solutions.   Our solutions often save commercial and industrial clients 80% or more on their electric bill, improves their lighting, and provides a very high return on their investment.

Are you willing to learn the intricacies of low-energy lighting, product and design; understand the opportunities for substantial federal and state tax benefits and rebates; and comprehend the booming business which is KOPA?

If you are the right kind of person or organization, then you may have the potential that KOPA is looking for.  We are currently seeking enterprising individuals or companies who can partner with us and continue expanding our business.  

If you have what it takes, contact us for more information on our Contact Page or 888 - LED - KOPA ext. 30 (888 - 533 – 5672 ext. 30).