• Lighting accounts for up to 60% of the energy consumed throughout America. That includes the lighting you use in your facility during business hours, indoors, outdoors, for displays – even when you’re closed at night.   


  • A low-energy lighting retrofit, utilizing ultra-high efficient lighting products, can reduce the amount of energy a business uses by up to 80%. Plus, the lifespan of LED and other low-energy lighting products can last more than 10 years.


  • That’s up to 30 times longer than traditional bulbs or 30 fewer times you need to replace a light bulb. You not only save significantly on power, you save on maintenance, too.


  • A low-energy lighting retrofit for your business can:
    · Reduce your monthly energy usage by up to 80%
    · Generate an immediate increase in cash flow with no cash down
    · Improve your sales and worker environment with enhanced lighting
    · Reduce heat gain and save money by reducing cooling costs
    · Take advantage of government and utility company incentives, benefits and bonuses. You could
    get cash just to install! 


  •   Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)
    Positive cash flow – or cash not going toward electric bills – begins immediately. A low-energy lighting installation will more than pay for itself. And any money received from green programs is simply the icing on the cake, improving an already strong ROI. 


  • Financial benefit
    Zero down financing for eligible customers, means you can take advantage of a customized retrofit and start increasing your cash and profits immediately.


  • Kopa clients report significant savings from its low-energy lighting plans including:
    · 131,040 watts used per day pre installation compared to 16,380 after installation
    · One small company’s electrical bill of $511 per month was reduced to $76 per month – a savings
    of $5,220 annually
    · Significant heat reduction generated from lighting cut cooling costs by 40%
    · $17,000 in green program funding


  • You should always consider low energy lighting first.