Welcome to the Kopa Group 

Save Money, Improve Lighting, Productivity and Safety

Often At No Cost For Those Eligible

Kopa Group specializes in Commercial & Industrial energy efficient lighting solutions.  Not only do our clients realize substantial energy savings, but they also benefit from significant improvement in light quality, increases in productivity, savings in maintenance and increased safety. Typically, we see savings that exceed 80% with ROIs often under two years.  Again and again after applying Federal, State, Local and Utility Company’s cash incentives we have found many clients retrofitted for no cost.  Over the last two years we processed nearly $5 million in rebates.  We are project driven, not product driven.  That means we identify those product(s) available world-wide, that best suit our client’s needs, regardless of the manufacturer.  Our process begins with a site survey, after which we present a detailed lighting solution including a ROI analysis.